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Visit my Redbubble shop to see all my designs: https://www.redbubble.com/people/DAscroft

Also, for what’s new and insights into the inspirations for my designs and other news, visit my Facebook pageDianne Ascroft’s Whimsical World.

How did the Whimsical World shop happen? While creating images to use in my newsletter, my website and Facebook posts, I made a discovery: I like inventing fun, whimsical designs. So I decided to have a go at producing some t-shirts and other items, including bags, stationary, clocks, laptop and phone cases, and framed images. This dabbling in the world of design gave birth to Dianne Ascroft’s Whimsical World shop. In a short period of time, the shop grew to several brand names, each with a range of items available.




Century Cottagisms: For fans of my Century Cottage Cozy Mystery series.





Calicocozys: Cats are a central part of these designs: from specifically cat themed items to ones for writers and other professions which include cats intrinsically in the designs.





Canada Away: Pride in Canada as your home country is the theme of this range of products. Images that are sure to evoke Canada for the viewer are central to these designs.






Heartfelt History: Designs for anyone who reads historical fiction, as well as for history buffs. The past is a great place to be.






Heartfelt Holidays: Designs that celebrate special days, holidays and seasons throughout the year.



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Ireland Away: Humorous items that have an Irish theme.






Rustic Realm: Whimsical items that celebrate home, the natural world, country living and rural life.



All the t-shirts and other items are available on Redbubble and some of the t-shirts can also be purchased on Amazon’s US and UK stores. Have a browse through the brands and see what catches your eye and your heart.

I’m adding new designs to the collections all the time, as well as adding new collections, so check back often to see what’s new. And if you have any ideas for designs you’d like to see in these ranges, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

My Whimsical World shop on Redbubble can be found here:


Listings on Amazon are a little more elusive. Search under the brand names above to find the t-shirts.

Also, for what’s new and insights into the inspirations for my designs and other news, visit my Facebook page: Dianne Ascroft’s Whimsical World.




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