Refreshing Inspiration

Sorrento coast from Capri

Misty Sorrento coast from Capri

All writers need time to refresh their thoughts and recharge their batteries. Encountering new places and experiences stimulate these processes. I’m just back from a holiday in Italy and my mind is still whirring from my adventure.

In Sorrento I experienced life in a lively, warm town, scandiscovering pretty sunsets, wonderful architecture and hidden curiosities – plus the most trusting cat I’ve ever seen, having its afternoon nap in the middle of a busy sidewalk.

In Pompeii I stepped into an amazingly modern town, as it was almost two thousand years ago, and imagined myself in that world.



After a steep climb up Mount Vesuvius I was sobered to look into the mouth of a volcano that is still active, knowing what it had done to Pompeii.

The mountains and cliffs along the Amalfi Coast were awe inspiring – a frightening and spectacular place.

Capri’s physical beauty and elite society were both intriguing.



I had the chance to conquer my fear of heights (briefly) as I rode a chairlift to the island’s highest point. It was worth it – the view was breathtaking!

With all these images filling my mind, I’m ready to get back to writing.


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