Summer Reading Suggestion

Ever wish you could get away to a remote island? Brilliant sun, silky sand and image%20-%20cafe_tempest_softcover_final[1]refreshing water – I’ve been slipping away to such a place, every chance I get, the past couple weeks. I’m enjoying a fictional memoir, Café Tempest, by Barbara Bonfigli. Since I opened the book it’s kept me laughing and dreaming of moving to an island paradise.

The author describes this fictional island, Pharos, as “a small Greek island with no airport but plenty of means of escape. It’s a sparkling necklace of turquoise bays and sun-laced platias, where ice trays are still being test-marketed and donkeys have the right of way.”

Join me at Ascroft, eh? on Friday, 10th July when I will post an excerpt from the novel and the author, Barbara Bonfigli, will drop by to answer a few questions.

Hope you can join us on Friday!


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  1. Thanks so much for traveling through time and space to read “Café Tempest”
    Your questions were so thoughtful it was easy to imagine we were sitting on a beach feet in the water hands around a chilly glass of retsina talking over the characters. welcome Any Time to this special island. and if you want to linger, visit me at www efharisto! barbara

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