Imagine Me Singing ‘Happy Birthday’

scanOne year’s past – this weekend marks the first anniversary of my first post on Ascroft, eh? If I could carry a tune, I’d sing Happy Birthday but I doubt anyone could endure that.

When I started the page I had never written a blog before. Now I’m an expert!(don’t believe everything you read!) Well, I have managed an average of at least one post per week throughout the year.

When I started I said I’d post about writing and anything else that pops into my head – it hasn’t been hard to do that. I’ve talked about my novel, Hitler and Mars Bars’  progress since it was published last year and have hosted a variety of other authors introducing their latest works. I reported on my visit to the Jane Ross Writers Group to read for them in May, my radio and other media interviews throughout the year and the activities of the Fermanagh Authors Association. Straying from the topic of writing, I presented a selection of St Patrick’s parades around the world in March, my review of singer/songwriter Kimmie Rhodes’ Enniskillen gig in May and my memories of Canada in July.

I don’t know where this blog will wander during the next year but I do know that by the end of the first week of September three more authors will have stopped by to visit. They’ll be talking about Widow’s Walk, The Fearless Factor and Happy About An Extra Hour – a mixture of novels and management/self help books. Keep dropping by to see what else pops up this year.

You can imagine me humming Happy Birthday to myself now as I wander off to dream about this blog’s future – it’s better to imagine it than to hear the real thing…..Look forward to seeing you again in the coming year!


About Dianne Ascroft

I'm a Canadian writer and author, living in Britain. My first novel, 'Hitler and Mars Bars' was released in March 2008. More information abo
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