FAA Launches Fermanagh Miscellany 2009

FAA launch 1The Fermanagh Authors’ Association launched our third anthology, Fermanagh Miscellany 2009, last night at Enniskillen Library amidst wine, nibbles and passersby eyeing us curiously.

The Fermanagh Miscellany 2009 showcases the work of members of the Fermanagh Authors’ Association. Included are stories, poems, historical articles and reminiscences. Read stories of good times and tragedies on Lough Erne, an Irish family in France, making hay (among other things) on a sultry June day, how to build a Lough Erne Cot (I’m sure I’m capable of doing it now!), an awe-inspiring performance in Germany, the only monastery in Fermanagh and why an accordion masqueraded as an organ. The book is dedicated to Fermanagh photographer and local character, Shay Nethercott.

book launchThe Fermanagh Authors’ Association was founded in 2005 to promote local authors and their work. Included in this anthology is work by Bryan Gallagher, John Reihill, Dianne Trimble, Dermot Maguire, Gabriel Murphy, Vicky Herbert, Sean McElgunn, Winston Graydon, Seamas Mac Annaidh, Cahir McKeown, Shirley Johnston, George Morrissey, Julie Franco, Brid O’Reilly, Michael Donnelly and John B Cunningham.

As co-editor with John B Cunningham it was my privilege to be entertained and learn about Fermanagh life (past and present) as I prepared the book for publication.  It was a wonderful experience for a ‘blow-in’ such as me. It’s been an enjoyable few months and last night was a great way to celebrate our achievement. Thanks to all the writers who contributed and, also to my co-editor who helped steer the book on the right course so we were ready to set sail – er, I mean, launch – last night. Congratulations everyone!


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