Fermanagh Creative Writing Group Told Tales

Mothers often tell their children ‘Don’t go telling tales’ – but that admonition didn’t stop us. On Saturday the Fermanagh Creative Writing Group recounted our stories and poems to a small but appreciative audience at Enniskillen Museum. Kevin Quinn opened the afternoon with an interesting talk about the poetry of John Donne and we rounded it off with readings from our work.

Tony Viney’s powerful piece, Blind Faith, evoked a scene in Hitler’s Europe where people were stuffed into an overcrowded train destined for a concentration camp.  The story followed them as they entered the gas chambers where the lingering smell of bitter almond filled their last minutes.

Ian Butler’s Reflected Glory gave us a nostalgic look back at the joy of rummaging through record shops during our youth to discover the next music sensation.

I read a piece about Canadian winters that, after the weather we’ve had the past few weeks, could have been describing Britain. Winter Coughs tells of the joys of snow shovelling and how the snowplow can be your worst enemy.

Peter Byrne had the audience intrigued and amused by his poem, On Lissadell Beach, full of action, drama, humour and romance – much more than you’d expect from a tale about fishing on a quiet Irish shore.

During the busy mini-fest weekend filled with music, art and dance, the Fermanagh Creative Writing Group provided a change of pace – a chance for listeners to sit back and enjoy carefully crafted words read by the people who penned them.


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