A New Idea For Writing Groups

Yesterday I attended the launch of a website for writing groups that has great potential. John Kenny and Martin Delaney from www.writing4all.ie came to Queen’s University, Belfast to talk about the new website that Writing4All are designing.

The website, www.ourwritinggroup.com, is a resource for writing groups. It has a main page to display news and information about the writing groups who are part of the site. Then each writing group has their own private site where each member has their own page to work on their own projects. They can keep it completely private or share it with other members of their own group. When they are ready they can also display their work on the main website so they can receive feedback from people in other groups.

OurWritingGroup also plans to include virtual groups for various genres, including science fiction, flash fiction, historical, romance etc. Individuals or members of writing groups will also be able to join the virtual groups.

I like the idea and am keen to see how the site develops. It is a tool that will benefit individual groups and also help to put us in touch with other groups around Ireland and further afield. Our local writing group, Fermanagh Creative Writing Group, are participating in testing the site for the next month and I think it will open up some new possibilities for us.

For more information about the project see www.ourwritinggroup.com.


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