The FAA Is On The Air


Instead of spending Saturday doing the usual household chores today I escaped and went with fellow Fermanagh Authors’ Association members Vicky Herbert, Sean McElgunn and Julie Franco  to Cavan Town for the afternoon. We were invited to

My first time in the studio


Northern Sound Radio’s studio to record some of our stories for a radio programme their DJ Karina Charles is preparing.

DJ Karina Charles

I’ve never been in a radio studio before so I as curious to see how the recording process works. I found it much less nerve wracking than reading to a live audience – I knew I could re-read as often as I liked until I got it right! I chose my short story, Going Home, which was printed in Ireland’s Own magazine a couple weeks ago for the programme – I’m certainly getting good mileage from it!

Vicky Herbert

We had a great afternoon at the studio.  And we didn’t do too bad for our first time – we even finished early. The recording process was

Julie Franco

relaxed and fun and we had loads of time to sit and chat while waiting for our turns to record.  It certainly beat housework!

Sean McElgunn


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1 Response to The FAA Is On The Air

  1. Julie Franco says:

    Although it was my 3rd time on radio it was my 1st time reading my work. DJ Karina was very good which kept the nerves away and enabled me to read at ease. Thank you Karina I had a great afternoon.

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