Airing My Expat Experiences

Last Thursday evening I had to chance to test my newfound Skype skills when I chatted with Expats Radio presenter, Peter Anstis, about being a Canadian in Northern Ireland. Although I’m not a keen public speaker, I had fun with this as Skype’s still a new toy for me. As we chatted during our videocall I had a good look around Peter’s studio and marvelled that I could actually see the person I was talking to (okay, so I’m technically behind the times…).

I did manage to concentrate long enough to answer a few questions and read a short piece I’ve written about my initial reaction to the Irish expression, Yer Man.  Many years ago, before its meaning finally sunk into my brain, this innocuous expression caused me confusion and embarrassment once or twice.

You can listen to this Expats Radio interview at:


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2 Responses to Airing My Expat Experiences

  1. So, tell us. What does “yer man” mean in Ireland?

    • Yer Man is an expression that means ‘that man’ or ‘that guy’ – it’s very commonly used in Ireland. But I took it a bit too literally and thought people were talking about ‘my’ man, even when I barely knew the person they were talking about. It caused a bit of confusion for me!

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