Independent Authors Are Joining Together

I’ve got lots happening at home this week as our local writers group, Fermanagh Writers, has just received the first print run of our anthology, Tuesdays At Charlie’s, we’re running a Pub Quiz tonight to help pay for printing the book and we’re also hosting a writing workshop with Queen’s University creative writing tutor, Emily DeDakis on Saturday. Check out the group’s blog for more info about these events:

But I’m also excited about another venture: the launch of the Alliance of Independent Authors. When Orna Ross, author and former literary agent, first mentioned it my ears pricked up. Since I’ve been involved in self-publishing – myself and also with local writers’ organisations – for several years I was keen to hear about the organisation.

The Alliance of Independent Authors launched at the London Book Fair yesterday with an author Q & A on the topic of ‘How I went Indie — and Why’ with members Linda Gillard, Amazon No 1 Hazel Gaynor and New York Times bestseller Joni Rodgers and others. The aim of this session was to educate the media and publishing industry about some of the realities of this way of reaching readers.

Today is the online official launch of the organisation. Why don’t you pop over to and join us? And don’t forget to visit the organisation’s own website:

For writers in the Dublin area, the organisation is holding their first Dublin branch meeting on Tuesday, 24th April, 6.30pm in the Library Bar, Central Hotel, Exchequer Street. Drop by if you’re in Dublin.


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