I’m Getting Launch Fever

It’s all happening next Thursday – there’s almost too much for me to choose from and I wish I could be in more than one place at once.On Thursday, 24th May Fermanagh Writers launches Tuesdays At Charlie’s and I’m really excited about it. We put lots of work into getting this collection right so now that the books have arrived – and none of them are printed upside down or in some strange, illegible font style – it’s time to celebrate. The launch details are on our group’s website at www.fcwg.wordpress.com. If you are in Enniskillen that evening – or want to come down – please join us!And while we’re launching Tuesdays At Charlie’s, the Alliance of Independent Authors is hosting their online launch. It starts at 8pm (GMT) and features a Q&A session called Ask Amazon with Thom Kephart, Amazon’s Community Outreach Manager. For more information about this event check out: http://allianceindependentauthors.org/campaigns.html.

Next Thursday really is the day for launches as it’s also the day that M C Scott’s Rome: Eagle of the Twelfth is published. I have to admit that I haven’t actually finished the previous book in the series, Rome: The Coming of the King, but I still have a week left…I am captivated by the world she creates – I just need a bit more time to spend reading. But I’m not really sorry I haven’t finished it yet – it’s good to know it’s still there to go back to as I enjoy getting lost in it.

Now how will I juggle all these events? Well, Rome: The Eagle of the Twelfth will automatically download to my Kindle – the wonder of pre-ordering! I’m not quite sure how I will juggle the other two though. If you see me checking my mobile frequently at the Ardhowen Theatre that evening I’m probably trying to keep up on what’s happening at the AIA launch while munching the most amazing mini-muffins that one of our members has promised to bring to the Fermanagh Writers’ launch. There’ll be wine, cheese & crackers and other nibbles too but the muffins are divine and shouldn’t be missed. But don’t tell anyone about them until I get my share! Hope to see some of you at the Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen at 7.30pm next Thursday.

If you are curious about how Tuesdays At Charlie’s all came together, read my post on Writing.ie about how we did it – and survived as a group. You’ll find the piece here:



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