Ebooks Can Be Any Length

Ebooks can be any length – that may be evident to you but I just started thinking about it recently and it really pleased me. I’ve only had a Kindle reader for about a year but I’m a ‘convert’ – you’d have to wrestle with me to take it away.

For me this revelation means that I can put my huge trade paperback copy of Diana Gabaldon’s Breath of Snow and Ashes back on the bookshelf. It was always too heavy to carry around with me and it takes up too much space on the coffee table. I now have this book and the sequels on my Kindle.

It also means that I have access to lots of shorter works, like Tim Hodkinson’s All the King’s Thanes and Nina Croft’s Chosen. And I can also publish collections of my own shorter works, like Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves,

For more of my meandering thoughts on this topic see my post on Writers Abroad’s blog today.


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