Want To Know What I’m Working On?

Recently I’ve taken part in a couple ‘hops’ on Facebook where I’ve shared information about what I’m currently working on. I thought those posts may be of interest to my blog readers so I’d like to share them with you here.

Five Things About The Main Character of My Current WIP

  1. Mike didn’t believe in ghosts until he arrived in Northern Ireland.
  2. Mike never considered enlisting in the army until the attack on Pearl Harbour and, as he prepares for battle, he wonders whether he really is cut out to be a soldier.
  3. Mike grew up in Georgia next door to his best friend, Johnny Baker. The Irish-American Roman Catholic and southern Baptist are an unusual combination but inseparable friends.
  4. Mike has a burning desire to learn the secrets of his mother’s Irish childhood before his unit ships out from where they are stationed in Northern Ireland to continental Europe.
  5. Mike only ever wanted to do his bit in the war and get home again until he met Ellen Corrigan. As he prepares for battle his mind is full of conflicting thoughts and desires and he doesn’t know how much longer he has to sort them out.

Five Things About My Current Work(s) In Progress

  1. I didn’t go out on the waves or take up gambling but I did learn about sea angling, the gaming industry and post-polio syndrome in order to ghost write a memoir I’ve been working on.
  2. A real life incident that took a different turn than the story I’ve written was the inspiration for my recent flash fiction, Knowing You. The piece will be published in the September issue of the new online magazine by Writers Abroad.
  3. As part of my research for An Elusive Enemy, a World War II novel I’m working on, I visited a haunted house not far from where I live.
  4. Since I couldn’t find much information about training exercises in Northern Ireland during World War II, I created my own obstacle course. Luckily it’s only on paper so I won’t have to subject myself to tackling it.
  5. As part of my research for An Elusive Enemy, I spent a morning in the grounds of Colebrook Estate, an aristocratic country house about a mile from where I live. The grounds aren’t open to the public so I got a look behind the scenes at a private estate.

I hope you found the posts interesting. Check back here regularly to find out more about my upcoming novel, An Elusive Enemy, as well as other projects I’m working on.


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