Pearl Harbor and More is Here – Almost

Just over 6 months ago, Ellie Keaton, a fellow author who also writes wartime fiction, pearl-harbour-3d-ebooksuggested to me that we should get a few writers together to produce a collection of short stories set during World War II. From this initial conversation, the idea quickly snowballed and we soon had a band of writers trailing along with us and a private group on Facebook (No, I’m not going to tell you the name of the group – it’s a secret).

Since this year is the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Pearl Harbor, we decided that the stories should all be set in December 1941. Some of them are set at Pearl Harbor itself, while others are set in other parts of the United States and in Singapore. Almost half the stories take place in Europe: occupied France, Germany and Northern Ireland. The stories explore the experiences of U.S. servicemen and women, a German Jew, Japanese Americans, a French countess, an Ulster Home Guard, and many others.

Last March, when we first started throwing the idea around, it seemed like we had ages to pull it all together but the months flew past as we wrote, revised and sent our work off to be edited by our own editors and then a professional editor who oversaw the whole project. And the last couple weeks have been a blur as I put the stories together into a book and got expert help to turn it into a Kindle ebook as another member of the group got a version ready for other ereader platforms and others got cracking on marketing our book.

It’s still rather hard for me to believe, but Pearl Harbor and More is now available on Amazon and other retailers for pre-order. And the ebook will be winging its way to readers on 1st November.

You can learn more about Pearl Harbor and More by visiting Amazon US and Amazon UK as well as other online retailers.


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