Welcome to Moss Hill Island


I’d like to welcome Astoria Wright, the author of The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries to Ascroft, eh? so that she can introduce us to Moss Hill Island where the series is set.

Welcome Astoria. We’d love to hear about the island.

AW: Hello Dianne and thanks for inviting me to stop by. I’ll let Carissa Shae, the protagonist of The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries, tell us about her hometown, the fictional island of Moss Hill:

Moss Hill IslandMoss Hill is not your typical town. An island off the western shores of the United Kingdom, right near the Great Blasket, it’s a stunning sight when it’s visible and has easy access from Ireland when it’s accessible by ferry boat. The island is covered in mist, but it all becomes clear the closer you are to it. You’ve also probably never heard of us because the islands around us are either abandoned or too small to hold a community like ours.

Not that we’re a big city. We’re a fairly small society of farmers, fishermen, and shop owners. I, myself, run an apothecary. It’s a type of pharmacy that focuses on herbal remedies. Sure, there are regular pharmacies everywhere, but none of them have that magical touch we have here at the Seelie Tree Apothecary shop. Many intriguing characters visit the apothecary from all over the island.

The view from the shop windows might seem like it’s just a quaint cobblestone road, but there’s so much more to Moss Hill than meets the eye. With rolling hills and greenery set between two mountains, it’s positively picturesque.

HerbsandHomicide coverIf you want to see the whole town in one glance, the view is breathtaking from the top of Mount Aisling. Just don’t go into Mount Vale. The hiking trails there are a bit dangerous, and visitors often lose their way on the treacherous trails. It’s best to avoid that mountain, but you can still appreciate the view. The sight of it is otherworldly even from a distance. 

Once within the town itself, you’ll get a feel of the friendliness of Moss Hill in every shop you visit. Right next door to the Seelie Tree Apothecary is the best bakery in town, Gooseberry, which many shop owners and city hall workers frequent.  If you really want to get to know the locals, who call themselves Mossies, visit the 2nd Street Pub. Mossies love to hang out there enjoying the entrees and ocean views. Get a discount at either establishment when purchasing an herbal remedy of your choice.*

You may meet locals who seem odd – that’s just part of the charm of a small town. You’ll notice some exceptionally tall and remarkably short residents. There are some who speak with accents you’ve never heard and others with accents of all kinds. Then there are the one or two who will be too friendly, too grumpy, or too strange to tell what they’re all about. Mossies can seem mysterious. Don’t read too much into it or you’ll start to think this town is a magical place.

Of course, I can’t say that Moss Hill is magical, but I can tell you that it’s enchanting. So, come stay for a visit. Pop into the pub for a chat with the locals. Stay in the charming Failté Abhaile Hotel. Have some pastries at Gooseberry and, of course, stop by the Seelie Tree Apothecary shop for a visit that is as healthy as it is a happy one!

*This offer is fictional. See book for details.

Thanks Astoria and Carissa for letting readers have a glimpse into your world. Astoria is currently on a Great Escapes cozy mystery book tour with Herbs and Homicide, the first book in the series.

Readers can learn about the rest of the stops on the tour and also enter a contest to win one of two signed copies of the book by visiting her book tour page:  


To learn more about the author and her books, visit her website, and her Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter pages. Herbs and Homicide is available on Amazon.

astoriawrightAbout Astoria Wright: Astoria is the author of The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries, including the bestselling prequel novella Chaos in the Countryside. Intrigued by myths and inspired by cozy mystery writers before her, Astoria tries to combine two worlds with human and faerie neighbors trying to solve puzzling crimes on the fictional island of Moss Hill. She’s also a poet, which shows in the Moss Hill poetry anthology “written” by the characters in the series. Her goal is to bring Moss Hill to life in her stories, because who doesn’t wish we lived in a town with magical faeries as neighbors?



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