Peppermint Cream Die – blending Christmas and Crime

Today Kayla Jeffries is visiting Ascroft, eh? to tell us about Peppermint Cream Die, the first novel in the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) mystery series.

Welcome, Kayla. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tell us about the novel that you live inside. Is it part of a series? If so, please tell us about the series too.

Hi! I’m Kayla Jeffries, the protagonist of Peppermint Cream Die. The book tells the story of how I helped solve the murder of my very good friend, Trudy Dillingham. Although I am an introverted HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and get overstimulated easily, I had to do something to help bring her killer to justice! It was stressful but worth it. Along the way, I met a really good guy, Jason, who is now my boyfriend (!), and I ended up with the sweetest all-white American shorthair cats, Sugar and Flour. I did a lot of baking, too. It was Christmastime, so I had tons of orders to fulfill for my home bakery business.

Peppermint Cream Die is the first installment of The HSP Mysteries. My author is waiting for copy-edits on the second book (Stabbed in the Tart, about the murder of a fellow chef) and is writing the third one now (Sourdough Dead, in which my boyfriend is accused of murder). She better get to it; I have a lot to say! Ha, ha.

Does the writer control what happens in the story or do you get a say too?

I definitely get a say! Fortunately, Carol is also an HSP, so she understands what it’s like for me. We don’t argue too much. <grin>

How did you evolve as the main character?

At the beginning of Peppermint Cream Die, I was still getting over a bad break-up that had affected me a great deal (HSPs have a hard time getting over negative experiences). I was reluctant to date Jason, and not even 100 percent sure about adopting Sugar! (Flour came a little later). By the end of the book, I had completely changed. Sugar and Flour are now my adorable, trusted companions, and I can’t imagine life without them. As for Jason—well, you’ll just have to see.

Do you have any other characters you like sharing the story with? If so, why are you partial to them?

My best friend, Isabella Valera, is a waitress at our community’s restaurant, and is my perfect counterpoint. She is extroverted, flirty, up for anything, and an all-around great person. She is studying for the law school admission test, and I know she’s going to do great!

What’s the place like where you find yourself in this story?

I live in Seaside Shores, which is a non-gated planned community in Oceanville, California. Oh, my gosh, it is so beautiful here. I absolutely adore living so close to the Pacific Ocean. The sounds, the smells, the feeling of sand between my toes…it’s the perfect place for an HSP who processes sensory experiences at a deep level.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell readers about you and the book?

I really hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for answering my questions, Kayla, and good luck to you and your author, Carol E. Ayer, with Peppermint Cream Die, the first book in the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) mystery series.

Readers can learn more about Kayla and her author, Carol E. Ayer by visiting the author’s website and blog, and her Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

The novel is available at the following online retailers:

 Amazon – B&N – Kobo


About Carol Ayer: Carol is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and lives halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento with her cat, Rainn.  When she’s not writing, she’s reading mysteries and thrillers or watching movies and cooking shows. As a native Californian, she visits the ocean as often as possible.


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  1. carolayer says:

    Thank you so much for hosting Kayla! She had so much fun.

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