The second Century Cottage Cozy Mystery novel is here

I’m pleased to tell you that The Heritage Heist, the second novel in the Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries series, has just been released this week. It’s available as an ebook and a paperback, and the ebook is reduced to .99 cents/pence for the holiday season.

The novel has been a while coming as I had to squeeze in a couple novellas and several short stories while I was writing it, but it’s finally here and I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

Let me tell you a bit about the book:

A fall fair, a cornered craftsman, an heirloom heist. When an antique quilt that is a cherished part of Fenwater’s past disappears from the market before her town’s fall fair, it’s up to Lois to resolve the quilt quandary.

Middle-aged widow Lois is enjoying her second season in her new town and her century house, away from the dangers of big city life in Toronto. She can’t wait to experience her first old-fashioned fall fair, complete with hot apple cider. But when the local market is burgled, her enthusiasm for the upcoming festival plummets. During the break-in one of the security guards is badly injured and an antique quilt, on loan from the museum, vanishes. Her friend, Bruce, designed and built the display case and has one of only two keys to secure it. That makes him a prime suspect in the theft. Lois won’t let Bruce’s reputation, nor the trust his customers have in the bespoke furnituremaker, be damaged by the allegation. She’s determined to piece the clues together to find the quilt, clear Bruce’s name and save a piece of Fenwater’s history. The Century Cottage Cozy Mystery series is set in rural Ontario, Canada during the early 1980s.

You can find the ebook here:

I’d also like to tell you about another book that was released this month.

Wartime Christmas Tales: a WWII Flash Fiction anthology was released on December 1st as a perma-free book on all major retailers.

The authors of these stories write Second World War fiction, and as a thank you to our valued readers and to boost spirits during this difficult year, we put together this collection.

These are heartwarming short stories in a wide range of genres, set in WWII in places around the world. We hope you will like them. And if you do, please give us a rating or a review!! I especially hope you’ll enjoy my story, A Letter Home, which is the opening story. It’s a tale of a homesick GI who is far from home at Christmas 1943 but finds a way to beat the mail censor and send his family the gift of knowing he’s safe and well.

Download the book on your favourite retailer here:

Happy reading during the holiday season!


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