A Book Club to Die For

Trudell Becket is visiting Ascroft, eh? to tell us about A Book Club to Die For, the latest novel in the Beloved Bookroom mystery series.

Welcome, Trudell. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tell us about the novel that you live inside. Is it part of a series? If so, please tell us about the series too.

Hi, I’m Trudell Becket, assistant librarian at the Cypress Public Library. I’m the lead in the Beloved Bookroom Mystery series. It all started when the town leaders had this bold idea to modernize the town. They did it hoping to attract high-tech industries to relocate to the town and bring in higher paying jobs, which we desperately need. As part of the modernization, they turned the library into a bookless, technological center. I hated that! That’s why I took the printed books that they were planning to get rid of and opened a secret bookroom in the library’s basement, complete with card catalog and book slips with rubber stamped due dates.

It would have all been perfect, except sometimes people involved with the modernization or the secret library have died. I need my library to remain a safe space for everyone. That’s why I have determined to help the police in their investigations.

In A BOOK CLUB TO DIE FOR, my latest adventure, there’s a murder at the local book club. And what looks like an open and shut case is anything but. Especially after a friend finds one of the secret library books at the scene of the crime.

Does the writer control what happens in the story or do you get a say too?

My writer (Dorothy St. James) thinks she controls things. But in reality, the characters—including myself—are adept and doing what we think it best. Actually, my clever tabby cat Dewey Decimal is the master at pulling the storyline this way and that. If not for him, I doubt any of the mysteries would have ever been solved and none of the books would have been written. Whether anyone wants it or not, he’s the one running the show.

How did you evolve as the main character?

I feel like I’m really growing into the role of sleuth. A BOOK CLUB TO DIE FOR is the third book in my series. At first, I wasn’t sure about investigating crimes. That’s a job for the police. And yet, the more I investigate crimes, the more confident I feel about myself. I’ve gone from a shy librarian to someone who isn’t afraid to speak up for herself, even when people aren’t willing to listen.

Do you have any other characters you like sharing the story with? If so, why are you partial to them?

I have two best friends who help me with life decisions and with sleuthing. They are my best gals, and I can’t imagine my life without them. First is Tori, she’s been married more times than I’ve dated. But despite the horrible choices she makes when it comes to men, she is smart and popular and knows how to dress to impress. While I was the shy kid in the school, she was the popular beauty queen. But she has never let that go to her head. She picks me up when I’m down and gets me into more binds than I sometimes know what to do with. (Tell me again why I love her?) We’ve been best friends since kindergarten. And she’s exactly who I need in my life to keep me on my toes.

Flossie, on the other hand, is a calming influence…unless she’s researching weapons for one of her books. Then, look out! Flossie is much older than either Tori or I. But that doesn’t slow her down. While she’s in her eighties and uses a wheelchair, she travels the world, drives a flashy sportscar, and has recently purchased a speedboat. I hope I have half her energy when I’m her age. Flossie has always had my back, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

What’s the place like where you find yourself in this story?

I live in the small town of Cypress in the sandhills of South Carolina. Since the manufacturing plants have closed in town, the main draw for the town is the lake. Tourists will come to fish or boat and shop in the small shops in the even smaller downtown. It’s a lovely place. The Main Street is lined with cypress trees with limbs draped in Spanish moss. I’ve lived here my entire life. It’s the only place I want to be.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell readers about you and the book?

I love books like a dragon loves her treasure hoard. I’ll do almost anything to protect the books and the book lovers in my life. Books, you see, have given me the world. They’ve gotten me through my parent’s divorce when I was still a young teen. They lifted me when I was sad. Made me feel important when I felt small. And taught me invaluable life lessons that I hadn’t learned in my sheltered life. I’m grateful to books. As long as there is life in my body, I will do everything possible to stand up for the books and remind people the importance of libraries in the community. I hope you’ll join me.

Thank you for answering my questions, Trudell, and good luck to you and your author, Dorothy St. James, with A Book Club to Die For, the latest book in the Beloved Bookroom mystery series.

Readers can learn more about Trudell and her author, Dorothy St. James by visiting the author’s website and her Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also follow her on Twitter.

The novel is available at the following online retailers:

 Amazon – Penguin Random House – B&N – Kobo – IndieBound 

About Dorothy St. James: Dorothy is the author of several cozy mystery series. She lives in the Lowcountry of South Carolina with her sculptor husband. Dorothy is a member of Mystery Writers of America (MWA) and the International Thriller Writers (ITW) and Sister’s in Crime (SinC). This is her second Beloved Bookroom Mystery.


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