Who Says Marge Doesn’t Have Any Christmas Spirit?

This autumn we released Deadly Traditions, a multi-author Christmas-themed cozy mystery anthology. Deadly Traditions launches readers into a whole stack of mysteries and holiday traditions.

In my story, Mistletoe and Murder, my character Marge Kirkwood has found more __ than she ever wanted under the mistletoe. More what? Read the story to find out.

The book is only available until December 31st. You can find it here:  https://books2read.com/u/4NjW6G

Now, I’ll let Marge from Mistletoe and Murder tell you a bit about her story:

“No matter what anyone may tell you, I’m no Grinch. I don’t know why I’m even giving that rumour a second thought. People can say whatever they like about Marge Kirkwood. It’ll just roll off me like water off a duck’s back. But, if there isn’t any truth to what they say, I’ll set them straight. It’s not that I don’t have any Christmas spirit, it’s just that things keep getting in the way of it this year.  

My best friend Lois Stone moved from the big city to the town where I live last summer. So, since this is her first Christmas in Fenwater, I want to show her how amazing a small town holiday season is. I’m gonna make sure she knows she’s not missing a thing now that she’s away from the bright lights and bustle.

I have loads of ideas for making the season sparkle. Firstly, there’s a few parties that are absolute musts on Fenwater’s holiday calendar and we’ll hit all of them. Lois can bring her new beau Bruce along. I introduced them after all. We’ll need some time to recover in between shindigs so we’ll also spend a few evenings at my condo. Lois enjoys the company of my mother, Mrs G, and there’s a great view of the street that Lois and I live on from my fourth floor window. Lois doesn’t have the same view from her stone century cottage, but she does have a cozy, crackling fire going on winter evenings. She also makes great hot whiskeys so we’ll spend some time at her place too.    

In preparation for the festivities, I got myself spruced up. Not that it took much to do. I’ve got a good, ample figure, if I do say so myself. And that red chiffon cocktail dress I picked up in Guelph suits me to a tee with my blonde hairdo. That little red number was the only one like it on the rack so I’m guaranteed not to meet my double when we’re out, except in a mirror. I’ve got my hair looking its best too. It may have had a bit of help from a bottle, but no one would guess the colour isn’t all me. All in all, I’m ready to dazzle their socks off.

We kicked off with the Fenwater Association’s Christmas party last Saturday night. It’s held in our swankiest hotel – well, our only hotel – and the place was looking like the Ritz. But I wasn’t counting on it being draped in mistletoe – I had to practically slither around the walls to avoid being caught under that green stuff. Nor did I expect to be plagued by Mike Wilson, who practically stalked me through high school. He thought he was irresistible and couldn’t understand why I didn’t see it. I still shudder every time I get a whiff of Aqua Velva aftershave. So, the night didn’t start well. And seeing my ex-husband, who has recently moved back to town, at the party didn’t help my festive mood either.

Overall, the party was going downhill fast. And then someone keeled over and died right smack under that mistletoe dangling from a chandelier. Could it get any worse? You better believe it could – I got dragged into investigating the death. Usually, it’s Lois who lands in the middle of crime scenes. I help her snoop around and give her the odd push when she needs to be more assertive. But mostly, I let her take the helm to figure out what happened. This time is different though. I’ve known the deceased and most of the guests for years.

Despite this, I still might have been able to mind my own business and stay out of it, but the clincher was my kids. Their Christmas will be ruined if I don’t figure out what happened. Okay, so they’re adults now, but doesn’t every mother want to make Christmas special for her kids? And since the cops suspect my ex – their father – murdered the deceased, the holiday will go down the drain for our family if he gets arrested. So, I have no choice: I have to find the killer.

Now can you see why people may have noticed I’m not belting out songs from Perry Como’s Christmas album this year? Imagine being landed with a murder to solve smack in the middle of the Christmas party season! And, if that wasn’t enough, I’m not getting much chance to drop into the Honey Pot diner and sample the yummy gingerbread muffins and other festive fayre they have. These goodies are only on the menu for the holiday season and I’m missing out.

This week has been all about figuring out which one of my fellow townsfolk is a killer. I’m determined to get to the bottom of this and fast. My red stiletto shoes are being reheeled as I speak, and I’ll be wearing them to my office Christmas party next week. So, you can bet I’ll get to the bottom of this murder. Then I’m off to paint the town red and they’ll see what Christmas spirit I’ve got.”

If you want to find out how things turn out for Marge, and read the other stories in Deadly Traditions, check it out here: https://books2read.com/u/4NjW6G

But remember, the book is only available until the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.


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