Digging up Daisy

Kinsley Clark, from Digging Up Daisy, a Mainely Murder mystery, is visiting Ascroft, eh? today to tell us about her life in Harborside.

Welcome, Kinsley. I’ll turn the floor over to you –

Hi. I’m Kinsley Clark, and I reside in the caretaker’s quarters behind my Aunt Tilly’s Salty Breeze Inn where I manage SeaScapes, a landscape design business, located in Harborside Maine. I’m privileged to be the go-to designer for the area along the cliff walk and the downtown area too. Speaking of the cliff walk, there’s a hidden gem— a place within the rocks facing the sea, where you can smell the scent of beach roses that I often escape to. It’s a place for me to unwind with the waves, unseen from the from the world. I’ve escaped there since I was a kid. Since the day my aunt took my brother Kyle and I in as her legal guardian when my parents died on an Air Force base. Kyle’s in the Air Force now, serving our country. I’m so proud of him for following in our parent’s footsteps. He usually returns to Harborside when on leave, and I can hardly wait to see him.

Whenever I get the chance, I hang out with my best friend Becca. She works in real estate, and we often tag team with our customers. I sometimes share clients that might want to sell a property, and she hires me to help spruce up the yard before a listing hits the market. We’ve been besties ever since we were kids, when she became my water wings and saved me from drowning in swim class. Everyone should have a friend like Becca. Besides being a lifesaver, she’s everything you would want in a best friend: empathic, kind, encouraging, and most of all fun! Becca’s my perfect sidekick.

On a good day, Becca and I share dinner or drinks at the Blue Lobstah. Not because of the food, which is ah-mazing by the way. But more because of the bar owner, Pete O’Rourke. Just saying his name aloud sends a jolt of electricity down my spine. My affection towards him is clearly undeniable. I’m just not ready to take the big leap from friendship to relationship just yet. Which leads me back to the reason I’m not in a relationship in the first place. Let’s just say, Pete takes up a little too much head space and it’s something I’m trying hard to contain. I love his Boston slang; I love that he named his restaurant after his roots. Honestly? There’s lots to love about the guy— including his adorable face that I can’t get enough of. Pete holds his past and his feelings close to his chest, so you’re never quite sure where he stands on things. Which makes him super mysterious. Did I mention I’m a sucker for a good mystery?

Let me tell you what’s been going on in Harborside lately. I recently came across an important piece of evidence linked to a horrific crime that occurred across town. Want to know what happened when I followed the evidence? I know you do! You’re just as curious as I am to dig into who murdered that poor girl. We’ll find it— me and you. When we meet in Maine, in front of my aunt’s Salty Breeze Inn, where I unearth the truth and find justice for Daisy.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Kinsley, and good luck to you and your author, Sherry Lynn, with Digging up Daisy, a Mainely Murder mystery.

Readers can learn more about Kinsley Clark and her author, Sherry Lynn by visiting the author’s website and her Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram pages.

The book is available online at the following retailers:

Amazon – B&N – Kobo

About Sherry Lynn: Sherry spent countless summers on the coast of Maine, knowing she’d one day return to write about the magical location from her youth. Curious by nature, sleuthing became the perfect fit for her, and she has written multiple cozy mystery series under several pseudonyms. Currently, Sherry lives in the Midwest with her husband, but she dreams about one day retiring oceanside with a good book in her hand.


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