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Tempted Into The Medieval World

One of the ways that I find out about new historical fiction releases is through the Historical Fiction Virtual Tours blog. I often read and review the novels of authors who are on blog tours with them and I discover … Continue reading

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The Writing Process Blog Hop

Historical fiction writer, E M Powell, author of The Fifth Knight, recently asked me to take part in this Blog Hop and I happily agreed. I’ve been involved in a few blog hops over the past couple years and I … Continue reading

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This Week’s Next Big Things

Last Wednesday I jumped on the bandwagon for The Next Big Thing Author’s Blog Hop. I was tagged by Elisabeth Storrs to answer 10 questions about my current work-in-progress and I did so. I then tagged several fellow writers to … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing – An Authors’ Blog Hop

Elisabeth Storrs, author of The Wedding Shroud, tagged me in the Next Big Thing Author Blog Hop. Elisabeth is passionate about legends, myths and history, having studied Classics as a student. Inspired by a terracotta sculpture of two ancient lovers, … Continue reading

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A Serial For National Short Story Week

A new novel, The Fifth Knight, that’s released today is just the thing for National Short Story week.  You may be thinking that a novel isn’t really appropriate for National Short Story week – well, this one is. It’s released as a 6 part serial – every … Continue reading

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