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Fermanagh Featured In Ireland’s Own

The G8 Summit is approaching and media attention is turning to Fermanagh. There’s oodles of documentaries, news reports and newspaper articles. Not to be left out, I’ve highlighted some of Fermanagh’s attractions for Ireland’s Own magazine. If you are interested, … Continue reading

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National Short Story Week Kindle Offer

I seem to see short story collections everywhere this week. I guess National Short Story week has made me more aware of them. When I was browsing in Easons at lunch hour today I noticed that My Weekly and The People’s Friend have both released short … Continue reading

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Reasons For Writing Short Stories

A writer friend of mine often says that he wants to create edgy writing. Another writer friend says she’s not sure what he means. I think I know what he’s talking about but I decided to look up ‘edgy’ in … Continue reading

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A Timely Piece For Ireland’s Own

My piece in Ireland’s Own this week about Holy Cross Monastery in Rostrevor, Co Down is timely. More than a year ago I was intrigued by this new monastery that had been founded in the province and I went to … Continue reading

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A Modern Museum: Headhunters Railway Museum

At a time of cutbacks as many museums are struggling to survive I had the opportunity to visit a museum that has found a unique way to survive and thrive. Headhunters Railway Museum is housed in a barbershop and funded by … Continue reading

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Peering Into Her Past

Technology is slipping in everywhere – even into quiet Irish villages. In my story A Link To Her Past I consider what might happen when a middle-aged Irishwoman begins to surf the net and finds a webcam in the church she … Continue reading

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Looking Back At Bealtaine

I opened and closed Ireland’s Bealtaine Festival  this year – on paper anyway…At the end of April, in Ireland’s Own magazine I had a look at the upcoming festival which runs throughout May each year and in the June/July issue of Senior Time’s … Continue reading

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A Song For Ireland’s Own

January seems to be the month for self-help and spiritual books in my local Easons bookshop. After the Christmas holidays each year the front display shelves are filled with them. I guess the shop knows to prepare for the New Year’s Resolutions brigade. Many people go … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Own Is ‘Going Home’

This week marks the seventh anniversary of our move to rural Fermanagh. It hardly seems that it’s been that long since my husband and I came to his family farm and I started to blossom into a country girl – though I … Continue reading

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Keating on Canvas on National Poetry Day

Today is All-Ireland National Poetry Day. Recently I was researching the life of Irish artist Sean Keating for an article I’ve written about him (to be printed in Ireland’s Own magazine later this month). My curiosity was aroused when I found that he … Continue reading

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