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Hope you enjoyed the first stop at on my Virtual Book Mini-tour today. It was great to have a chat with Amy. I had to put my thinking cap on to answer her question about the difficulties of setting a story in a different culture and writing about it convincingly.


Tomorrow I’m taking a break from writing/typing and talking live with Tony Kay on his ‘Authors First’ radio show. It will be at 8pm EST (1am UK time – I imagine it will only be the real night owls who will hear it live in Britain. I think I will have trouble keeping awake at that hour!). If you can’t tune in to listen to the live interview, it will be archived and available to listen to online a few days after the broadcast.


I have no idea what topics we’ll cover during the interview – they will be a surprise for me too! I imagine if Tony might ask me how I chose the book title as most people are curious about that. I’d like to get a chance to tell him a bit about the background to the story and the research I did for it as I think Operation Shamrock is fascinating but we’ll see what happens. He might ask me the book’s total word count – guess I’d better start counting to have an answer ready for him….If I finish in time I will ‘see’ you tomorrow night!


The show is on at 8pm EST (1am UK time) –  If you tune in to the live broadcast just click on ‘Click to listen live’.  During the live show you can email comments and questions and Tony will read them on air. Email  He can only accept emails during the live show.


Hope you are able to tune in tomorrow.




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I'm a Canadian writer and author, living in Britain. My first novel, 'Hitler and Mars Bars' was released in March 2008. More information abo
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