The Women’s Millionaire Club

The Women’s Millionaire Club is an attention grabbing title for a book. Doesn’t it stir your curiousity? Let’s find out a bit about the soon to be released book, what it offers women and it’s author, Maureen Gail Mulvaney.

Mulvaney’s biography says:

 Born Maureen Gail Mulvaney, she certainly lives up to her initials MGM…a Big Production. MGM is the Author of The Women’s Millionaire Club and a multi-faceted Professional Speaker. MGM has spoken from Finland to Malaysia and has been the guest on hundreds of TV and Radio programs. She has shared the stage with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ann Jillian, Lynn Sherr (60 Minutes), Mary Higgins Clark (Mystery Author) and others. Her passion is the study of successful women.

MGM wasn’t always a ‘Smashing Success’. After a devastating divorce, MGM arrived in Phoenix, AZ flat broke, with No friends, No Home and No job. During the height of the 1980 recession, with 11.5% unemployment, instead of returning to her job teaching special education, she took the biggest risk of her life, and launched her speaking career.

Before long, MGM was known as the Super Star Speaker with a thriving home-based business and impressive client list AT&T, MCI, Greyhound, Best Western and hundreds of others. MGM spread her wings and penned Any Kid Can Be a Super Star and co-authored Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul.

After 25 years of speaking to corporations and associations, MGM heard a startling fact that changed the trajectory of her life ~ “56% of the adults, living in poverty, over the age of 18, are women”. MGM wanted to create Recipes of Success that, with practice, anyone could model and achieve similar results.

MGM searched for successful women to model. She ruled out Corporate Women because not everyone could achieve the same results without specific education and years of experience. She ruled out Small Business Women because of the huge amounts of money needed to purchase and run a franchise.

Then she discovered the Home Based Business Entrepreneur—the fastest growing segment of the economy, no education or experience pre-requisites, a small start-up investment required and a business model that honored the traits of women.

MGM researched Why some women are so successful, making lots of money, while others aren’t? MGM surveyed, assessed and interviewed, twenty-one Top Performing Successful Women Millionaires, from various home based businesses. She discovered the Secret combination of lip-smacking Ingredients that created Recipes for Million Dollar Success.

The Women’s Millionaire Club author, MGM, is the nation’s top expert in the learned traits of successful women. As the founder of The Women’s Millionaire Club website her mission is to help Women become Millionaires by creating an Abundance Conscious Community to Support Each Other through Education, Empowerment and Energy.

 Drop by her website to learn more:

Here’s how to buy the book and collect bonus items on its release day:
The Women’s Millionaire Club, by Maureen G Mulvaney, is being offered beginning on March 17th, 2009 at 12:01 am. We invite you to go to this page – – to access the order page and then go back to this page to access the bonus page. On the Exclusive Private Invite page, enter your order confirmation code. That will allow you to gain entry to the FREE Pot o’ Gold Bonus Items.



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  1. thewomensmillionaireclub says:

    What an Honor as author of a new book about the top performing Women Millionaires of Home-Based Businesses to be featured on Dianne Ascroft’s Blog. Dianne is a shining example of a strong Successful Woman!

    Our Book Launch for The Women’s Millionaire Club is ~ 17 Mar 09, St. Patricks Day. Although my book is directed towards women, men can also benefit, as the Ingredients for Success are universal.

    It is my joy to GIFT all Regan’s Blog participants with a Discounted Book Price $14.95 (reg $24.95) and a Pot of Gold filled with over 55 Bonus Gifts ebooks, ecourses, mp3 worth thousands of dollars.

    To receive your Exclusive Private Invite register at:
    Go directly to the following link ( LIVE 17 Mar 09 ONLY)!

    Once again, I am so grateful to be featured on Dianne’s Blog and for her continued effort to create an informative and dynamic blog for others to be educated! Thanks~ Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM

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