St Patrick’s Day Around The World



It seems that people everywhere, with the slightest Irish connection, are celebrating this week. Besides the traditional pub crawl there are many diverse events on – from concerts to prayer services. And parades seem to feature everywhere.


Here’s a sampling of what’s been happening around the world:


Let’s start with Downpatrick, the place most associated with St Patrick. Their St Patrick’s Festival runs March 9-17.


For those who want to get away from the mayhem in Dublin today why not try Galway?


London’s Irish community enjoyed a day out on Sunday.


And they weren’t the only city in Europe to have a parade.  Copenhagen was one of a number of others that celebrated in the streets.


If you fancied some saki rather than green beer, Tokyo might have been the place to be. On Sunday they held their 18th St Patrick’s Parade.


The Irish community has always been strong in America. Check out some of their parades:




Sleepy Hollow 


Greater New Haven


And don’t forget Canada:



I was on their first parade committee back in the early 1980s so this one has a special place in my heart.


If you fancied somewhere warmer,

Sydney would have been a good choice.


Or Montserrat in the Caribbean


 So you need not be in Ireland to join the festivities. No matter where you are in the world, there’s a good chance St Patrick’s Day will come to you.

Now that I’ve given you an overview of what’s happening around the world, maybe I’ll wash down my pancakes and maple syrup with some green beer….hmm….I’m not sure that’s quite the right combination. Oh well…Slainte!

 Beannachtam na Femle Padraig!!!  








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1 Response to St Patrick’s Day Around The World

  1. Andrés says:

    Hello, i am from México, just wanted to let you know that in my country, each year we celebrate the Irish on St. Patricks Day in a very serious and special manner, a military ceremony takes place on the special historic downtown Mexico City, where the irish brothers from the St. Patrick Batallion in the Mexican-American war are honored, there is even a golden plaque in the mexican parliament house of representatives for the “San Patricios” who fought alongside the mexican in the 1800’s. Us Mexicans have a very special appreciation for the Irish, we see you as our foreign brothers, there are streets and monuments named after this and on St Patricks day we conmemorate this

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