Reasons to Celebrate!!!

I’m celebrating today! Spring has sprung and Hitler and Mars Bars is leaping into its second year.

Today’s the Vernal Equinox – and therefore the first day of spring in the Northern hemisphere. After the past winter, I’m glad to see it arrive. Aren’t you?  

hitler-and-mars-barsIt’s also the first anniversary of Hitler and Mars Bars’ release.  This time last year I was sending out press releases to announce the book’s publication. Since then word about the novel has been spreading far and wide. Here’s some of what’s been happening:

– individuals around the world have bought copies of the book

– bookshops and libraries throughout Ireland have ordered the novel

– I’ve been interviewed on Irish and international radio stations  

– I’ve participated (being reviewed, answering interview questions and writing guest posts) in a two month Virtual Book Tour that included over 30 stops

– numerous reviews and articles about the book were printed in newspapers, magazines and websites

Here’s what several articles and reviews said about Hitler and Mars Bars:

“It’s a riveting story… As a novel it is extraordinarily well researched. It could form the basis of a revealing film script… Beautifically written with a strong human story running through it…”   Brian D’Arcy, BBC broadcaster, Sunday World columnist, author, journalist

“The novel does an excellent job of showing how the devastation of war continues long after the guns have been silenced… This book attempts to help us better understand the plight of one boy as he struggles with war and its aftermath.” Historical Novel Society Online Review, November 2008

 “Although writer Dianne Ascroft’s new book has only been released to the general public for little over a week, she has already achieved critical acclaim for the novel… The novel was recognised by the Ireland’s Own magazine’s book deal competition when Dianne won the best book section.”  Tyrone Constitution, 29 May 2008

“Ascroft, through her sensitive research, has produced an insightful novel which acknowledges the past, but also the strain of change that was present at the time… [She] has localised the global context of her subject matter, in this unique window into 1940s Ireland.”  East Cork Journal, 5th June 2008

“An endearing story… Ascroft is superb in telling the story from Erich’s point of view. It’s a poignant and nostalgic look at a bygone and more innocent age…. The story is both vivid and moving…”  News Letter (Belfast), 21st June 2008

“It is well produced, well edited and has an inviting cover.”  The Self Publishing Magazine, Winter 2008

So I have reason to celebrate. I’ve been thrilled by the response I’ve had from readers, bookshops, libraries, newspapers, magazines, radio stations and websites. Hitler and Mars Bars has had a great first year. I’m still brimming with ideas to help spread the word as I think there are many more readers who would enjoy this story.  I can’t wait to see what happens in this next year!


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I'm a Canadian writer and author, living in Britain. My first novel, 'Hitler and Mars Bars' was released in March 2008. More information abo
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