Don’t Miss Karina Fabian!

“Wisdom of the Ages, Knowledge of Eternity, and I end up a babysitter at the Smart Humans Convention.” Vern, Dragon Detective, Quote from Magic, Mensa and Mayhem.


Magic Mensa and Mayhem front coverWhat’s Magic, Mensa and Mayhem? This is how author, Karina Fabian, describes the story:

It should have been a cushy job: Vern, the dragon detective, and his partner, the mage Sister Grace, are given an all-expense paid trip to Florida to chaperone a group of Magicals at a Mensa convention. Then the pixies start pranking, the Valkyrie starts vamping and a dwarf goes to Billy Beaver’s Fantasyland to be “discovered”. Environmentalists protest Vern’s “disrupting the ecosystem,” while clueless tourists think he’s animatronic. When the elves get high on artificial flavourings and declare war on Florida, it turns into the toughest case they aren’t getting paid for.


What does it take to write such humorous fantasy? Drop by Ascroft, eh? on Friday, April 17 when author, Karina Fabian, will share her secrets for writing humorous fantasy. She’ll tell us about her new book Magic, Mensa and Mayhem and how she gets the ideas to write such wacky stories. Also find out how to enter her contest to win a copy of Magic, Mensa and Mayhem.


Don’t miss Karina Fabian’s visit to Ascroft, eh? on Friday, April 17.


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  1. Looking forward to it! If your readers have any questions on that day, I’ll be glad to answer, too.


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