Harness The Fearless Factor

jacqueline_wales_authorToday I’m welcoming Jacqueline Wales to Ascroft, eh? to talk about what holds women back from doing what they want to and her new book, The Fearless Factor. She is a former alcoholic, mother of four, author, singer and global nomad who has performed in front of thousands of people, and developed a system to help people go beyond the fears, doubts and anxieties that hold their lives in limitation instead of abundance. She began singing at age 40, writing at age 41 and at 43 she took up martial arts. At 49 she had earned a red belt in Tai Kwon Do and a black belt in Shotokan karate.

I’m pleased to have you here today, Jacqueline. I’ll let you take it from here:

The question “What do Women Want” is as old as time itself.  Women are not complicated creatures, except to those of the opposite sex.  At the Court of King Arthur, he and Sir Gawain were placed under a spell to find the answer or die.  Searching high and low, they could not find the answer until they crossed paths with an old hag whose behavior was truly abominable. She told them she had the answer they sought but they would have to grant her the wish to marry a knight.  Now, they were desperate, but they were also noble, and Sir Gawain agreed to the marriage because he wanted to save the life of his king. 

The old hag whose name was Ragnell told them that what women wanted above else was autonomy.  They wanted to make their own decisions and be in charge of their own lives.

On their wedding night, Sir Gawain took the foul-mouthed hag into his arms and found a beautiful woman in her place.  She had also been under a spell and because he accepted her as she was, she was transformed.

So why do so many women have such a hard time making decisions that benefit them?  In my coaching practice I see women daily who can’t express what they want.  Who put themselves second to everyone else’s needs and generally feel stuck and under-appreciated. 

In a word…self-worth.  Most issues concerning confidence and communication are directly related to fear.  Fear of being rejected, abandoned, failing or being humiliated.  So women speak in soft tones, don’t ask for what they want and generally ask permission to do what they want to do.  Then they resent it, get frustrated, feel like no one is listening or devalue their position in the world to suit other peoples’ needs.

But it can be changed.

Fear is imagination based, and is usually a result of conditioning that took place long before the conscious brain too over. 

Being fearless is not the absence of fear, but the choices and decisions we make when fear shows up in our lives. 

Fearless women are women who take powerful decisions for themselves and don’t ask permission for what they want.  They take it and then they take action, setting goals, finding their strength, getting support and gathering confidence so they can take care of themselves.

What do women want?   To live their best life now.

FearlessBookEBookCover3DAbout Jacqueline Wales and The Fearless Factor 

Jacqueline Wales is known the world over as The Black Belt Millionaire.  Her unique programs have helped women around the globe develop strong personal success, confident communication and clear visions of their goals. She is the author of five books including The Fearless Factor available at http://www.thefearlessfactorbook.com.

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  1. Hi Dianne,

    Many thanks for hosting me on the first part of my virtual book tour this month. I greatly appreciate the post and look forward to hearing from your readers.

    All best wishes

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