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The Siren Of Paris Alerts Us To War’s Reality

I’ve just finished reading Siren of Paris by David LeRoy and it’s a story that will stay with me for a while. It has a complex, well developed plotline and presents the story in a tantalising way, jumping back and … Continue reading

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Overcoming Heartache: Debi Yohn’s ‘Losing Your Only’

Welcome to another year with Ascroft, eh?. For the first post of the year I’m hosting author, Debi Yohn, to share an excerpt from her new book, Losing Your Only . The book deals with learning to cope with the death of an only child. We all lose people we … Continue reading

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Phyllis Schieber’s Writing Life

Today I’m welcoming Phyllis Schieber, author of Strictly Personal, The Sinner’s Guide To Confession and Willing Spirits, to Ascroft, eh?. After her first novel for young adults Phyllis has concentrated on ‘women’s fiction’ for the mature woman. I’ll let Phyllis … Continue reading

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Peer Into ‘Keeping The Wolves At Bay’

Today I’m featuring an excerpt from Jonathan L. Bernstein’s new book, Keeping The Wolves At Bay: Media Training, a book that deals with developing media savvy. Bernstein’s professional background undoubtedly qualifies him to provide this training. President of Bernstein Crisis … Continue reading

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Cindy Bradford and Promises Kept

Today I’m joined by author Cindy Bradford. She is on a virtual tour to promote her second novel, Promises Kept. I’ve asked her to talk to us about how the theme of the power of the human spirit runs through the novel. But … Continue reading

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The Power Of The Human Spirit Fascinates Us

The power and resilience of the human spirit amazes and encourages me. I always enjoy hearing about people who conquer heartaches and challenges in their lives or survive incredible hardships. I also enjoy writing inspiring stories – that’s partly why … Continue reading

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Investigate Mike Angley’s Childfinder Trilogy

I’m welcoming Mike Angley, author of the Child Finder Trilogy, on an exchange visit to Ascroft, eh? today. He retired from the Air Force in 2007 following a 25-year career as a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) … Continue reading

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An Insight Into Second Sight

Today I’d like to welcome Dr Judith Orloff to Ascroft, eh?. She’s here to talk about her book Second Sight and why she decided to use her intuition in her life and her psychiatric practice. Without any further introduction I’ll turn … Continue reading

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Exploring Second Sight On Friday

INTUITION: an ability to understand or know something immediately without needing to think about it, learn it or discover it by using reason.  Cambridge Dictionary On Friday, 5th March Dr Judith Orloff will be dropping by Ascroft, eh? to talk about … Continue reading

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Got Any Bad Habits?

Got any bad habits? I know I do! Do your bad habits get in the way or slow you down when you want or need to get things done? (I don’t think I’ll mention here how long I can spend … Continue reading

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