Will Groundhog Day Come To Britain?

It’s Groundhog Day. Did you know that? The average Brit probably isn’t aware of the occasion but, for a Canadian like me, it’s almost unpatriotic not to acknowledge it.

Today is a red letter day. For those of you who are wondering, it’s the day when the groundhog predicts whether there will be an early spring or six more weeks of winter. As a child I was amazed by the groundhog’s mysterious ability and I was in awe of this powerful creature who held our climatic fate in his paws.

But for most of the twenty years I’ve been in Britain when spring would arrive hasn’t been a

Our lane last weekend

 pressing question. Winter just isn’t as severe here as it is in North America. We’re not braving bitter winds and arctic temperatures on a regular basis or desperately huddled in front of our fires waiting for the thaw.

This year is the first one since I moved to Britain that I’ve seen snow fall and stay on the  ground for more than 24 hours. We’ve actually had a winter (severe at times) that lasted. So, who knows, in future Brits may also eagerly await the groundhog’s prediction….

Will we one day celebrate Groundhog Day in Britain too?!


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