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Why Write About Ottawa?

Today Sigrid Macdonald author of the mystery novel, Finding Lisa, is joining us at Ascroft, eh? to talk about the Canadian setting for the book. Welcome Sigrid. I’ll turn the floor over to you: Thank you for having me on … Continue reading

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Stop and chat with Jayne Barnard

Today Jayne Barnard is visiting Ascroft, eh? to talk to us about Where the Ice Falls, her latest novel in the Falls Mysteries. Welcome, Jayne. Let’s get started, shall we? Tell us about your novel. Is it part of a … Continue reading

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The Paradise Tree Q & A

Today Elena Maria Vidal is visiting Ascroft, eh? to answer a few questions about her new novel, The Paradise Tree, a story of Irish immigrants who arrived in Canada during the  late 1800s and built a new life in the … Continue reading

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Will Groundhog Day Come To Britain?

It’s Groundhog Day. Did you know that? The average Brit probably isn’t aware of the occasion but, for a Canadian like me, it’s almost unpatriotic not to acknowledge it. Today is a red letter day. For those of you who … Continue reading

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Canada Day

I haven’t lived in Canada for almost two decades now but I always think of my native country on Canada Day each year. Since I’ve been away for so long, I’ve lost touch with the day to day happenings there … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day – Has anyone seen him yet?

I guess I have a few hours yet to wait – until sunrise in Canada. But why am I waiting for sunrise in Canada when I live in Fermanagh? Because I need to know what the groundhog will do.   … Continue reading

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Our senses bring back the past

It amazes me how the senses are so closely connected with our memories. Sean McElgunn, in ‘World Without Women’, writes “…memories were linked in some mysterious combination with all five senses”. Sights, sounds and smells all conjure up memories for … Continue reading

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