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Social media is so much a part of an author’s marketing focus these days. My head whirls sometimes just trying to keep up with it. Recently I’ve been hearing about yet another site that it seems I should know about: Pinterest. As I started to wonder where I should look for more information about the website I learned that Karen Leland has released The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business. It sounded like it might be just what I needed so I was more than happy to read it to review it as part of her blog tour – and to see if I could glean any information about Pinterest from it that will be relevant to me.   

Pinterest for Business - Cover ArtThis is how the publisher describes the book: “The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business is designed to help businesses use Pinterest to its maximum potential. The book provides both beginning users and seasoned veterans with the ability to find their specific area of interest “at a glance.” It uses step-by-step how-to, sidebars, examples, case studies, expert interviews and tip sheets to show how, from setup to strategy, to use Pinterest for promotional, branding and marketing objectives. 

The book explores the ins and outs of signing up and getting started on Pinterest and how to create boards that get noticed, drive traffic and convert fans into customers. Special chapters are devoted to creating a strong community and enthusiastic following through high-engagement activities, contests, social media outreach and smart pinning strategies.

In addition the book outlines specific marketing applications to small businesses, from architecture firms to theater companies.”  

I think this may be one of the shortest reviews I’ve ever written as what I want to say is easy to sum up. Leland’s book does exactly ‘what it says on the tin’ (ie. in the publisher’s description). It’s clear, concise and covers everything a reader needs to know to get started on Pinterest and use it effectively to promote a business. Leland writes in a friendly, approachable manner. I didn’t find it a chore to read this ‘How-to’ book at all. And one of the things I particularly liked about it is that Leland is aware that things can change quickly online and she has included advice about where to look for updates that readers may need in future. This is a very informative, useful book and I can recommend it to anyone grappling with this latest social media site.

To learn more about Karen Leland visit her website. To purchase the book visit its Amazon page.

About Karen Leland: She is the bestselling author of 8 business books including the recently released Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest For Business, which can be purchased at She is the president of Sterling Marketing Group, where she works with small businesses and Fortune 500 on building stronger personal and team brands. She writes the Modern Marketing Blog at She writes a regular branding and marketing column for and has been published in Woman’s Day, Self, The Los Angeles Times and others.


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  1. litekepr112 says:

    That was short and to the point – but very true that it covers all the bases for information we need. I’ve been on Pinterest for quite a while and still found some interesting new tips. But its also very useful for people who are just getting started and need to know where and how to start. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business – and its good for anyone who wants to participate on Pinterest, whether they are a business or not 🙂

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