Sample Some Christmas Trifle


Today Pearl Avery from Christmas Trifle, A Snow Lake Romantic Suspense mystery is joining us at Ascroft, eh?

Welcome Pearl. I’ll turn the floor over to you:

My name is Pearl Avery. I’m fifty-six years old, feel twenty, and often act twelve. I’ve been married four times: twice a widow, once divorced, and one marriage annulled. I love life, good times, and men.

Christmas Trifle Front-Amazon copyI also love my niece, Charly. In Christmas Trifle, Book One of the Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Novels, I am what you could call the truth-sayer. It’s a role I take on reluctantly. But when Charly and her husband, Cliff, start acting like a couple of knot heads, I have no choice but to get involved.

Not that my straight-laced sister didn’t raise a sweetheart of a girl. But Charly’s more compliant in her marriage than I think she should be. And it backfires big time. Then there’s Cliff. He becomes one of those television personalities who saves people’s restaurants. It’s a very popular show and he begins to believe his own press. He’s on location all the time leaving Charly to run their own restaurant, doing double the work. The long and short of it is: two chefs who start out madly in love and follow their dream of owning an upscale restaurant together, are in trouble. Then they become involved in a few murders.

I mean, really? I don’t want to say these two are idiots, but they need a keeper. I sure hope it isn’t me. Because being their truth-sayer is more than enough. Christmas Trifle, Book One of the Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Novels. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Thanks for introducing yourself and the series to us, Pearl. Readers can learn more about Pearl and Heather Haven, the author of the series, by visiting the author’s website and her Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

The novel is available online at Amazon.

HeatherPhoto2About Heather Haven: In the midst of writing her fourteenth novel, Heather has also written short stories, comedy acts, television treatments, ad copy, commercials, and plays. She has won numerous awards for her Silicon Valley-based Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries; Manhattan-based WWII Persephone Cole Vintage Mysteries; Ringling Brothers’ Circus mystery noir, Death of a Clown; and Corliss and Other Award-Winning Stories. She has two romantic suspense series: Love Can be Murder Mystery Novellas with Lee Alvarez and Gurn Hanson, the Nick and Nora Charles of Silicon Valley, and the new Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Novels, of which Christmas Trifle is Book One.

She and her husband of thirty-four years are allowed to live with their two cats, Ellie and Yulie, in the foothills of San Jose, California.


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