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Wishing You Good Company This Christmas

It’s almost Christmas so I’m jotting down a few thoughts about the holidays. Every year I have a theme for this seasonal post. I’ve written about the wonder and happiness that Christmas tree and mantelpiece lights inspire for me, how … Continue reading

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Sample Some Christmas Trifle

Today Pearl Avery from Christmas Trifle, A Snow Lake Romantic Suspense mystery is joining us at Ascroft, eh? Welcome Pearl. I’ll turn the floor over to you: My name is Pearl Avery. I’m fifty-six years old, feel twenty, and often … Continue reading

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Warm Wishes and A Tale for the Holidays

The day after tomorrow is Christmas Day. For most of us, when we think of Christmas, lots of familiar images flood our minds: the crunch of boots on snow, festooned Christmas trees, a roaring fire in the hearth, the scent … Continue reading

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Simply Celebrating Christmas

I love the buzz and glitter of Christmas: strings of coloured lights winking on the Christmas tree in ever-changing patterns; ornaments and tinsel in every imaginable, shiny colour; real or imitation pine wreaths, garlands and trees adorned with baubles; and … Continue reading

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Christmas Is Timeless

Christmas is timeless. No, that’s not a profound statement by me. It was my husband moaning as I removed the clock from the wall in the livingroom and replaced it with a large wreath when I was putting up the … Continue reading

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Wishing You A Warm, Comforting Christmas

On Sunday night I left my comfy chair beside our fireplace to attend a concert in Belfast. Relaxing into my seat in the concert hall, I savoured I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas sung by a classical trio. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Wishing You Light, Love and A Bright New Year

This year I’ve noticed fewer external Christmas lights on houses and gardens in County Fermanagh than in previous years. I don’t know whether people are trying to be more frugal and keep the cost of their energy bills down or … Continue reading

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Warm Christmas Wishes

In a December post a couple years ago I said that one of my favourite parts of the Christmas season is re-discovering my sense of childlike wonder in simple things. This year it’s been difficult for me to find that … Continue reading

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Rekindling Wonder At Christmas

Christmas is only a couple days away. I haven’t posted here during the past month as I’ve been busy finishing off writing assignments – articles based on my interview with The Priests and an article for the Impartial Reporter about … Continue reading

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Last week of Hitler and Mars Bars Virtual Tour

I don’t know where the last 2 months have gone. It’s been so busy – and so much fun – on virtual tour with Hitler and Mars Bars. I’ve lost count of how many interviews I’ve done and I’m amazed … Continue reading

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