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Today is an exciting day for me. I’ve been working with several other authors this year on a collection of cozy mystery short stories and novellas and today is launch day for Mystery Follows Her.

Nine new cozy mystery stories for only .99 cents or pence (depending where you live). And more than 400 pages to read. 

Mystery Follows Her is a collection of intriguing and light-hearted stories written by authors from across the globe, including two NYT Bestselling authors.

Mystery small fileThe stories will lead you through dangerous city streets, quaint villages, and locales across the globe. Uncover the clues to the crimes with feisty female sleuths of all ages.

My contribution to the collection, Thanksgiving and Theft, takes Lois Stone, the main character in the Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries series, back to Toronto to visit friends for Thanksgiving weekend. Wandering through her old neighbourhood, she interrupts a mugging in the same park where her husband was attacked and died three years previously. Lois’s heart goes out to the victim when she learns that the woman’s last gift from her deceased husband is one of the things the thief has stolen. Knowing this, she has to help find the mugger and get that gift back. And so begins a mystery filled weekend.

The collection is officially launched today and copies are available from the following retailers:





It’s also available in paperback:


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