Larceny at the Library


Today Kit Marshall is visiting Ascroft, eh? to tell us about Larceny at the Library, the latest novel in the Washington Whodunit mystery series.

Welcome, Kit. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tell us about the novel that you live inside. Is it part of a series? If so, please tell us about the series too.

“Larceny at the Library” is set at one of my favorite places in the world, the Library of Congress. My husband works at the Library of Congress, and that fact makes it a convenient setting for this book.

I’m a full-time congressional staffer in Washington, D.C. and a part-time sleuth. This is my sixth murder mystery, and I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Does the writer control what happens in the story or do you get a say too?

LARCENY AT THE LIBRARY_Front CoverMy writer (or my “creator”) has the final say, but sometimes I offer my opinion about how I would react to a situation or how I might respond to a snarky comment. I’m not shy about sharing my opinion.

How did you evolve as the main character?

When I first started solving murder mysteries, I wasn’t very confident in my skills to investigate. Over time, I’ve become more confident. I didn’t have a high degree of self-possession in those early stories, but now I’m in charge and I know what to do when a dead body shows up!

Do you have any other characters you like sharing the story with? If so, why are you partial to them?

Of course, I’m partial to my husband Doug, who directs the scholarly center at the Library of Congress. Also, my best friend Meg, who works with me in Congress – she’s always doing something crazy. There’s also my younger brother Sebastian, who recently moved to Washington, D.C. and my beagle mutt Clarence. I’m lucky to have so many family members and friends help me solve the mysteries that materialize right in front of me!

What’s the place like where you find yourself in this story?

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the word. It’s also one of the most beautiful buildings in Washington, D.C. Thousands of really smart people work there, and it’s considered a national treasure by our elected officials who serve in Congress. If you’re visiting our nation’s capital, you need to go to the Library of Congress to experience it for yourself!  Or, go online at for a virtual visit.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell readers about you and the book?

I worked at the Library of Congress for over a decade in a variety of positions, and I’m really excited for the debut of “Larceny at the Library.”  It has special meaning for me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.

Thank you for answering my questions, Kit, and good luck to you and your author with Larceny at the Library, the latest book in the Washington Whodunit series.

Readers can learn more about Kit and her author, Colleen J Shogan, by visiting the author’s website and her Facebook and Goodreads pages. You can also follow her on Twitter.

The novel is available at the following online retailers:

 Amazon – B&N

Shogan 2019About Colleen J. Shogan: Colleen has been reading mysteries since the age of six. A political scientist by training, Colleen has taught American politics at several universities and previously worked on Capitol Hill as a legislative staffer in the United States Senate and as a senior executive at the Library of Congress. She is currently the Senior Vice President of the White House Historical Association.

Colleen is a member of Sisters in Crime. “Stabbing in the Senate” was awarded the Next Generation Indie prize for Best Mystery in 2016. “Homicide in the House” was a 2017 finalist for the RONE Award for Best Mystery. “Calamity at the Continental Club” was a 2018 finalist in the “best cozy mystery” at Killer Nashville. She lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband Rob and their beagle mutt Conan.


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    Thanks for featuring my book!

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