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Overcoming Heartache: Debi Yohn’s ‘Losing Your Only’

Welcome to another year with Ascroft, eh?. For the first post of the year I’m hosting author, Debi Yohn, to share an excerpt from her new book, Losing Your Only . The book deals with learning to cope with the death of an only child. We all lose people we … Continue reading


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Kenneth Weene Studies His Characters

Today I’m welcoming Kenneth Weene to Ascroft, eh? to talk about how he used his psychology training in writing his second novel, Memoirs From The Asylum. His first novel, Widow’s Walk, was published in 2009. Ken is a New Englander by upbringing and … Continue reading

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Kenneth Weene Discusses Writing Memoirs From The Asylum

Tomorrow Kenneth Weene, author of Widow’s Walk, will join me as my guest blogger. His post will discuss how he used his psychologist’s training to write his second novel, Memoirs From The Asylum. He will also pop into Ascroft, eh? throughout the day to answer … Continue reading

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An Insight Into Second Sight

Today I’d like to welcome Dr Judith Orloff to Ascroft, eh?. She’s here to talk about her book Second Sight and why she decided to use her intuition in her life and her psychiatric practice. Without any further introduction I’ll turn … Continue reading

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