Last week of Hitler and Mars Bars Virtual Tour

I don’t know where the last 2 months have gone. It’s been so busy – and so much fun – on virtual tour with Hitler and Mars Bars. I’ve lost count of how many interviews I’ve done and I’m amazed by the range of topics I’ve written guest posts on – everything from different breeds of brown spaniels, Remembrance Day, Halloween, how to research historical fiction and how to invent Irish place names.

Judging by the comments written on the sites I’ve visited, readers have been intrigued by Hitler and Mars Bars. I hope many of them will read the book – I’m sure they will enjoy it.

And now we are at the last week of this virtual tour. Today the novel is being reviewed by Writers Block Reviews blog and I am writing a guest post on the same site tomorrow explaining the meanings of some Irish words and expressions. There’ll be a contest for a free copy of the book so be sure to stop by.

Then I will finish up on Christmas Eve with a guest post about Irish Christmas traditions.

So, please join me for one more week as 24/2  my two month Virtual Book Tour, beginning and ending on the 24th (October and December) – continues -and draws to a close. I’ve visited a variety of websites – being reviewed, answering questions and posting guest blogs and the last week will be just as varied. I do hope you can join me! 


This weeks tour schedule:


Dec 22– Writers Block Reviews blog – Book Review –

Dec 23 – Writers Block Reviews blog – Guest Post: Speaking English Like The Irish –

Dec 24 Bay City Rollers Pen Pal Reunion blog – Guest Post: Some Irish Christmas Traditions –


Contact: Dianne Ascroft, author of Hitler and Mars Bars (ISBN: 9781425145910)




About Dianne Ascroft

I'm a Canadian writer and author, living in Britain. My first novel, 'Hitler and Mars Bars' was released in March 2008. More information abo
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