A Book For Bright Eyes Animal Sanctuary

Tails low resThe autumn seems to be ‘launch season’ for me. Several writers’ organisations I’m associated with produce anthologies at this time of the year and I always seem to be announcing a new book during these months. I contribute a mix of stories, poems and non-fiction articles to the books and I enjoy writing the variety of material  required to suit the various publications.

Last Thursday was the second of this season’s launches. Fermanagh Writers released Tails of the Unexpected, a collection of animal stories and poems. The book was produced to help raise funds for Bright Eyes Animal Sanctuary in Co Fermanagh. The founder of the sanctuary, Pat Nolan, died unexpectedly this spring and the organisation needs donations to keep his life’s work going. So Fermanagh Writers decided to put together a book to help them.

The book is a diverse one: from hilarious tales of unusual – and possibly fanciful – encounters with animals to heartbreaking tales of what some animals endure at the hands of humans. And there’s everything in between as well – it’s not all doom and gloom. The contributions to the book were written by Fermanagh Writers’ members and guest authors Carlo Gebler and Seamas Mac Annaidh.

Recently I was wondering what my cats think of my in-laws’ dog who occasionally stays with us and my musing became the poem, The Thing on a String. I also used a vivid memory I have of an evening haymaking on our farm to write the story, Working Late. The poem and the story are both included in the book.

Tails of the Unexpected is on sale in veterinary offices and pet shops as well as other selected shops in Co Fermanagh. Or copies can be obtained by contacting Fermanagh Writers at fermanaghwriters@aol.com.

To hear more about Tails of the Unexpected’s launch night visit Fermanagh Writers’ website.


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