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Fermanagh Miscellany 2014: A Decade of Commemorations

Life for many of our ancestors in Ireland a century ago was less settled and predictable than our lives. It was a time of crisis and change in society. Several important events in Irish political and social history contributed to … Continue reading

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A Book For Bright Eyes Animal Sanctuary

The autumn seems to be ‘launch season’ for me. Several writers’ organisations I’m associated with produce anthologies at this time of the year and I always seem to be announcing a new book during these months. I contribute a mix … Continue reading

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All Ireland Poetry Day in Charlie’s Bar

It’s been a busy and fun week. Thursday was All Ireland Poetry Day and our writers’ group, Fermanagh Writers, celebrated the day with Irish writer and poet, Seamas Mac Annaidh. We’ve done our share poetry readings in strange places – … Continue reading

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Enniskillen Spring Book Fair

It looks like summer has come to Fermanagh so I know you’ll want to be outside to enjoy it – but don’t forget to take a book with you. Stop by the Enniskillen Spring Book Sale and get prepared for … Continue reading

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