The Threads of War Kickstarter Campaign

My guest today is Jeremy Strozer. He’s here to ask for your assistance with Threads of the War Volume II. I’ll let Jeremy tell you about the project and his request.

With that brief introduction, I’ll turn it over to you, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Threads of The War; a series of personal truth-inspired flash-fiction, needs your help!

Until February 6 you can sponsor Threads of The War, Volume II on Kickstarter, getting special rewards for helping bring this fun e-book to the world.

The Threads of The War series weaves fictional personal Threadsnarratives of real events to reveal history for what it is: a tapestry of the fibers of individual lives through time. Building from the premise World War I, World War II, and the many other wars of the 20th Century were actually one prolonged human tragedy, the Threads series crosses the world to find individual stories exposing the facts, fictions and fallacies of armed violence. In Volume 1 the reader is whisked from the seats of a German cinema in 1915 and high over Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 to under the water of the port of Alexandria, Egypt and on a rail line in East Prussia in 1945. Volume II builds off of its predecessor by taking us from the celebratory streets of Paris in the summer of 1914, under the coast of North Carolina in 1918, across the ocean to the evacuated beaches of northern France in 1940, and finally within the minds of both the liberated and the confined at camps in 1945.

Each story in the Threads series was designed to tug at the heart, incite anger, or make a reader laugh at the ridiculousness of war. Between the two volumes, thirty-six stories are made available to read, covering the world, different sides in the conflict, and as many perspectives as there are titles. Following each story, the reader is provided a specific and revealing quick summary of the true event narrated, offering both entertainment and education within the time it takes to read a blog-post. It’s easy to complete each story in one sitting, allowing the reader to jump in and out of the books whenever and wherever convenient.

This series started from my personal experience helping a war ravaged country remove unexploded bombs from its countryside. The remnants of war continued to kill the people despite forty years passing since the guns fell silent. War is a personal series of events for those involved far beyond the signing of any treaty ending the sanctioned violence. Each war lingers with all who experienced it, and all who they touch. The 20th Century was full of wars, violence, hate, anger, and suffering. Yet, the same time was also full of humor, humanity, and a rich history that needs to be shared. Threads of The War shares that history from a personal perspective, which is how it was experienced the first time.

Here are some quotes from readers:

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I very much liked how you put a human touch on each of the incidents that inspired each story.”

— Donald

“You are getting to be a budding WEB Griffin. Putting a bit of a face on real events in war.”

— Pat

“Very poetic! Enjoyed it, thanks!!”

— Ricky

You can help support the continuing publication of the Threads series by sponsoring the Kickstarter campaign for Threads II here. Millions more stories are available, thousands already identified, and a Volume III already written. If you’re interested in more stories, check out my blog.

Thanks for being a guest on my blog, Jeremy. Good luck with Threads of the War and your Kickstarter campaign. Readers can also find Jeremy on Facebook and Twitter (@jeremystrozer).


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