Second World War Club For Wartime Fiction

Club 8

Today’s the first anniversary of a new Facebook group, Second World War Club – well, I’m exaggerating a bit. The group is a week old but it’s off to a good start. As you probably know, I’m writing a series of Short Reads and novels set in Northern Ireland during the Second World War. For years I’ve had an interest in that era and I enjoy reading about all aspects of life during the war, in places around the world, not just the corner I write about. I know lots of people love wartime fiction too, so a friend of mine, Rachel Zaouche, who writes as Ellie Keaton, and I decided to set up a Facebook group where we can get together with other wartime fiction fans.

We’ve teamed up to form the Second World War Club. It’s a Facebook club for readers who enjoy wartime fiction. We set out to focus on World War II but have quickly expanded our horizons to include World War I too. The aim is to share books we loved, talk about real life historical events and meet others who share our enthusiasm for the subject. We’ll also invite authors to discuss their books with us and we hope to have some giveaways too.

If you are interested in wartime fiction, in its many forms, why not hop over to the club and have a look. If it appeals to you, please join us here.


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