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Another Wonderful M. K. Tod Novel

Time and Regret is the third novel I’ve read by M. K. Tod. I became a fan of her writing after I read and reviewed her first novel, Lies Told in Silence, a couple years ago. Here’s what Lake Union … Continue reading

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Second World War Club For Wartime Fiction

Today’s the first anniversary of a new Facebook group, Second World War Club – well, I’m exaggerating a bit. The group is a week old but it’s off to a good start. As you probably know, I’m writing a series … Continue reading

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The Threads of War Kickstarter Campaign

My guest today is Jeremy Strozer. He’s here to ask for your assistance with Threads of the War Volume II. I’ll let Jeremy tell you about the project and his request. With that brief introduction, I’ll turn it over to … Continue reading

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Wartime Tales For National Short Story Week

Today I’m featuring wartime stories. This week is National Short Story Week (16th to 22nd November), an event I look forward to each year. I enjoy reading and writing this form of literature so I want to support this annual … Continue reading

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A Captivating Novel of Corsica Explored

This summer I read a wonderful historical novel set in Corsica, The House At Zaronza by Vanessa Couchman. I’ve always wanted to visit this island so I soaked up the scenery and atmosphere as I read. I was also completely … Continue reading

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Fermanagh Miscellany 2014: A Decade of Commemorations

Life for many of our ancestors in Ireland a century ago was less settled and predictable than our lives. It was a time of crisis and change in society. Several important events in Irish political and social history contributed to … Continue reading

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Haven’t we seen enough of wars?

CHAPTER 7 County Cavan, Ireland Christmas 1950   The familiar colourful paper decorations criss-crossed the kitchen and holly sprigs adorned the pictures on the walls. Daddy Davy sat by the fire, his pipe smoke wafting around the room. Erich liked … Continue reading

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