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Finding The Women In Historical Fiction

Until recently I was inclined to think that there was more scope for male than female characters in historical fiction as men were generally the ones in the positions of power. So, when I interview authors who write historical fiction … Continue reading

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Explore The Secret Kiss of Darkness

I seem to have been reviewing lots of novels during the past couple months. I enjoy reviewing but it’s also nice to just read a book for pleasure. So in mid-January I decided to give myself a break and a … Continue reading

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Trade Winds Carried Me Along

When I first met Christina Courtenay at the Historical Novel Society’s UK conference last October, she was excited that her first novel, Trade Winds, had just been released. Her description of it prompted me to order a copy and I … Continue reading

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Christina Courtenay’s Scarlet Kimono

When I visited Manchester one weekend last October I took the opportunity to attend an Evening with Bernard Cornwell at the Royal Northern College of Music. Standing in the queue, waiting to enter the auditorium, I overheard 2 women behind me talking about … Continue reading


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My Favourite To-Do List – My Reading Pile

Ireland and Britain are celebrating World Book Day today. There’s few things I enjoy doing more than reading and I always have a pile of books waiting for me – I just need more hours in a day to get through them … Continue reading

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Historical Novel Society Conference

I attended my first Historical Novel Society conference in Manchester on Sunday and it was an exciting experience. The day whizzed by and I wished that it could just go on and on. I listened to some very interesting speakers, met other historical writers … Continue reading

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