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M C Scott and Rome: The Emperor’s Spy

I first ‘met’ M C Scott on a Yahoo discussion group. Reading her comments in the discussions prompted me to check the library for her books. The first one I read was The Crystal Skull. I loved its fantasy escapism and drama so I next read … Continue reading

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Six More Weeks?!!!!

This year I wouldn’t actually mind a frightened groundhog. Now, I’m not trying to be cruel but if he goes back to his burrow for 6 more weeks and keeps spring at bay for a little longer, it’ll give me … Continue reading

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M C Scott’s Rome

“It looks as if we will have a new trilogy to rival Lord of the Rings. Actually, I think it will be better.” The Scotsman “A powerful novel, alive with love, deceit, wisdom and heroics of humanity and with characters … Continue reading

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Historical Novel Society Conference

I attended my first Historical Novel Society conference in Manchester on Sunday and it was an exciting experience. The day whizzed by and I wished that it could just go on and on. I listened to some very interesting speakers, met other historical writers … Continue reading

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