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Caught Up In Highland Storms

I’ve been trying to wade through my to-be-read pile lately and Highland Storms was at the top of the list. It’s the second novel I’ve read by Christina Courtenay. I enjoyed its prequel Trade Winds last year and so I … Continue reading

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M C Scott and Rome: The Emperor’s Spy

I first ‘met’ M C Scott on a Yahoo discussion group. Reading her comments in the discussions prompted me to check the library for her books. The first one I read was The Crystal Skull. I loved its fantasy escapism and drama so I next read … Continue reading

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M C Scott’s Rome

“It looks as if we will have a new trilogy to rival Lord of the Rings. Actually, I think it will be better.” The Scotsman “A powerful novel, alive with love, deceit, wisdom and heroics of humanity and with characters … Continue reading

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Janet Elaine Smith chats with Dianne Ascroft

Ever wondered how readers learn about a new book? With publishers concentrating their marketing budgets on their best known authors, it’s hard for new books by unknown authors to gain attention. On Tuesday I’ll be chatting with Janet Elaine Smith … Continue reading

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The Authors Show Interviews Dianne Ascroft

  Stop by The Authors Show any time on March 10 to hear Don McCauley interviewing me, Dianne Ascroft, about my recent historical fiction, Hitler and Mars Bars. I’ll chat about everything from my advice to new writers (though I’m really one myself!) to … Continue reading

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The Penultimate Week of Hitler and Mars Bars tour!

Last week was a busy one for Hitler and Mars Bars book tour with something on every day and more than one stop on a couple days. This week we will slow the pace down a bit. I’m doing a couple interviews … Continue reading

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The Last Day of Summer

I can hardly believe it’s the last day of August today – summer’s already over and, for those of us in Britain, it never really started. We’ve had the worst summer weather (or rather, lack of summer weather) for years. I … Continue reading

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