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What happened where you live during the war?

Have you ever wondered what the area where you live was like during the Second World War? I like to tell stories sparked by interesting items that catch my attention and I’ve found inspiration in a many different places. Since … Continue reading

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Simply Celebrating Christmas

I love the buzz and glitter of Christmas: strings of coloured lights winking on the Christmas tree in ever-changing patterns; ornaments and tinsel in every imaginable, shiny colour; real or imitation pine wreaths, garlands and trees adorned with baubles; and … Continue reading

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Dunkirk is Coming: Signed Print WWII Novels To Win

Are you ready for Dunkirk? I’m not just talking about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming summer blockbuster movie. Beyond the major motion picture, there is Dunkirk Week WWII Epic Novel Sale – more than 40 WWII novels all at reduced price (.99 … Continue reading

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Social Media and Time Management

  I really enjoy working on my Second World War series, The Yankee Years, and I’m always looking for ways to spend more time writing the stories. So I have had to find ways to get to grips with social … Continue reading

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Being A Superhero

I was a superhero this week. Not that I did anything extraordinary or anything like that but Maria Grace thought I was. She invited me to her blog last Sunday to chat about my writing and she compared me to … Continue reading

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What Should I Write?

Since June 2015 I’ve been working on a series of Second World War stories set in Northern Ireland. I’ve released the first 3 Short Reads and a boxset collection of the stories will be available later this week. I already … Continue reading

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The Shadow Ally Special Offer

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. I love the trappings of Christmas, especially the twinkling lights on the tree and sitting in front of a roaring fire with the cats wrapped around me so this is my time … Continue reading

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New Release Special Offer

To celebrate the release of The Shadow Ally, the first Short Read in The Yankee Years series, the story will be available FREE on Thursday, 10th December and Friday, 11th December. To download a copy visit: Amazon UK or Amazon … Continue reading

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A Whirlwind Of Words

Were you wondering where I’ve been this summer? You may have noticed that I’ve been very quiet since June. Although I haven’t posted much on Ascroft, eh? the past couple months have been a whirlwind of writing. I’m working on … Continue reading

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