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How Do The Irish Fare In America?

I can never resist a novel that has an Irish connection so I was intrigued when I heard about the recent release of Widow’s Walk. It follows the story of how an Irish woman fares when she crosses the ocean … Continue reading

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What Are Whale Hunting Women?!

Today Barbara Weaver Smith is joining me. She’s answering a few questions I’ve asked her and sharing insights from her book, Whale Hunting Women. The title intrigued me – I always like unusual titles – so I had to find … Continue reading

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What Are Whale Hunting Women?

What are whale hunting women? Drop by on Thursday, 11th June when Barbara Weaver Smith will talk about ‘breaking the minnow mindset’ and enabling women to do big deals in business and the community. She will be sharing insights from … Continue reading

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Don’t stop now – drop by in Week 6!

It’s Week 6 of 24/2 – the week’s are just flying by! Last week I stopped by a couple blogs to answer some questions. One of the blogs, http://www.brokeinbelfast.com/blogs is hosted by a German woman living in Belfast. We found … Continue reading

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Join me for Week 3!

Last week kept me on my toes – lots of interviews with quite a variety of questions. I had to keep my thinking cap on. There were also a couple reviews of ‘Hitler and Mars Bars’ and I even contributed a … Continue reading

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The Last Day of Summer

I can hardly believe it’s the last day of August today – summer’s already over and, for those of us in Britain, it never really started. We’ve had the worst summer weather (or rather, lack of summer weather) for years. I … Continue reading

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